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Global migrants

  In this episode of 6 Minute English, Rob and Jennifer talk about why people move around the world to find work. These people are known as « global migrants ». Some 214 million people are international migrants, living in a different country from the one in which they were born. There […]

Have fun learning history!

  Have you always found history boring? Do you find it difficult to learn your dates? 1. Here’s a fun way to learn about historical events on Historyteachers channel on You Tube : You’ll never forget your dates again! You can learn about –Henry VIII – William the Conqueror […]

Bac 2013: confusion à l’épreuve d’anglais ?

Selon un journaliste anglais, les concepteurs du sujet d’anglais LV1 se seraient risqués à comparer le prestigieux ‘ »Oxford Union » avec une vulgaire association étudiante… En savoir plus sur et aussi ici: Qu’est ce que c’est « Oxford Union »? Read about it here:

Food in Britain

How much is today’s British cuisine influenced by its multicultural population? We have all heard about the traditional British dishes such as fish and chips, roast beef and yorkshire pudding, roast lamb and mint sauce, bacon and eggs, but British cuisine is changing. If you walk round London you will […]