Happy New Year!!!

I can tell you are all going back to school tomorrow!! A record number of visits this afternoon!! Just like my kids, you leave your homework till the last minute!!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope that it helps you to prepare your BAC. If you have any questions please ask me, I’ll try to answer.

There will be some help for your oral exam coming soon – watch this space!! Good luck!!



ps vous pouvez aussi poser des questions en français!! 😉


6 commentaires sur « Happy New Year!!! »

  1. Fantastic website Kate!

    Please will you give me some advice? I am English but live in France and have recently become very popular with my friends’ 17 year olds! Naturally I have agreed to help them practice for the English oral part of their bac but I would like to be properly prepared. Please will you give me some pointers?

    If I have understood correctly, there are 2 parts to the oral, a presentation on a pre-prepared topic and then a 5 minute discussion. Are there any past papers I can review? I intend to get in touch with the English teacher at the local lycee but would appreciate your advice on the format of the exam and thus the students’ expectations of me!

    Thank you in advance and please rest assured that I will give the students the url of this blog as it is a wonderful tool which will help them prepare for the exam.

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Kate!!! I’ll send you some information directly to your email address!! there aren’t any past papers for the oral exams – each school decides what they will do separately. I’ll send you a link to the French Education Nationale site about it!
      Good luck and enjoy!! They are lucky to have you!!

      1. Rebonjour Kate,
        Do you need me to send my email address? Looking forward to hearing from you
        Kind regards

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