Back to school soon?

The holidays are coming to an end and it’s the best time to start reading and listening to videos and interviews in English. Just 15 minutes every day!

Here are a few links to help you

The British Council website has a video zone where you will find videos on lots of different topics and also listening skills practice (choose B1 or B2)

The BBC website has a « 6 minute English » series with extremely varied topics that will help you learn lots of new vocabulary

Film English is a website with short films in English

Enjoy the rest of your holidays! 🙂


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  1. Hi! I was an English language assistant last year in France; I’d recommend the magazine section of Learn English Teens (a site run by the British Council) – you can read articles on a variety of topics (sport, music, entertainment etc.) written by young people and you can use the comment section for each article to interact with other users 🙂

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