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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! I wish you success in all your projects and for those sitting their BAC this year I hope you pass with flying colours!! To start the year off let’s look at a topic that is very much in the news at the moment: climate change, particularly […]

America’s Gun Problem

Here is an excellent article about gun violence in the USA – a topic which is very much in the news at that the moment and that can be used to illustrate the notion « Places and forms of power ». The article includes a video of Obama’s speech after the Umpqau Community College […]

Back to school soon?

The holidays are coming to an end and it’s the best time to start reading and listening to videos and interviews in English. Just 15 minutes every day! Here are a few links to help you The British Council website has a video zone where you will find videos on […]

Réponses à vos questions

Après un weekend d’absence je découvre toutes vos questions! Etant toute seule à gérer le blog ça va prendre un peu de temps de répondre. Il y a plus de 9000 visiteurs par jour sur le blog! Si vous pouvez, n’hésitez pas à proposer des réponses aux questions – le […]